2013 First Place

Special thanks to Ann Jastrab of RayKo Photo Center & Gallery for curating the 2013 exhibition; the theme was "The Easiest Season".


Christine Collins


Artist's Website

Artist Statement:

In the series “The Keepers” I am photographing people who are keeping beehives in suburban environments. Once limited to more rural areas, the practice of beekeeping participates in our fantasies about a suburban utopia, where we attempt to achieve both a pastoral and domestic landscape.

Beekeeping speaks to our desire to “hold” nature in the face of an increasingly disconnected culture. I see these people as facilitators, and I think about how the small action of placing a hive in a backyard has broad implications about our desire for an interconnectedness with nature. There is a kind of magic in beekeeping; it is a practice that requires patience and faith.  I am making pictures that suggest ceremony, ritual, and mystery of survival.