2013 Third Place

Susanna Frohman


Artist's Website

Artist Statement:

These photographs were shot during my summertime journeys back to the land of my past, a utopian community in rural Tennessee where I spent my childhood and adolescence. This is where I stalk the elusive magic of my wonder years, searching for personal solace in a land that continues to haunt me.

The dark fog of night, the rhythmic return of autumn’s decay, a lone hand reaching for the sky during a group hug at dawn, and a hint of optimism found when best friends skip together down a country road.

My experience of these moments is that individually each of represents a pause, an out breath, and a reflection on my own seasonal sense of loneliness amidst hundreds of extended family members.

Together, these photographs create a personal healing balm that replaces decades of homesickness. It is a salve that even borders on hope.