2014 Third Place

Jonah Calinawan



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Artist's Statement


The two images featured in this exhibition are part of an ongoing project entitled A Million Suns, which tells a story of one man's search for his future. His life takes an unreal turn one day when he encounters a fissure in the ground. This discovery triggers a chain of events that will send him to the ends of the earth and force him to face what his life may or may not be.


Using images that are collaged, montaged, erased, and drawn on, I portray my belief in the unlimited variations of the future. The collage approach, it appears to me, is like creating the future—we combine experiences and circumstances and move them around to see what fits and what makes sense. At any point, we may choose to go left or right, turn back or move forward. There is a great mystery here: we are on a journey where there is no map—it is pieced together as we go along. Thus, we become the traveler and cartographer, the origin and the destination.


For this one man's quest, his journey is about to veer off its projected course, into the undiscovered land of a million suns.