Contest Rules


  1. Read the Curator's Theme; select or shoot appropriate images
  2. Read and follow all of the Contest Rules 
  3. Register by completing the basic form
  4. Pay the fees through EventBrite
  5. Submit Your Images & Descriptions by using the upload system at the bottom of the Submit Your Images page.



The Curator will see each artist’s collection of entries together and will choose photographers, not photographs, as the winners. Entries can be submitted as series, in groups of four, with no submission limit on the number of images. Each selected photographer will later be asked to submit a 200 word (maximum) artist's statement about their entries. Entries may be black and white, color, duotone or alternative print processes. They should relate to the Curator’s theme in some way, which can be emphasized in the artist’s statement.



APA Leader / Pro / Associate Member: $20 per group of four images. Minimum of 4 images.

APA Supporter / Contributer Member: $30 per group of four images. Minimum of 4 images.

Non-member: $40 per group of four images. Minimum of 4 images.


You cannot enter less than 4 images. Sorry, no exceptions. 

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This means :

First 4 images is $20 for APA Leader/Pro/Assoc members, $30 for APA Supporter/Contributor members, and $40 for non-members

5 to 8 images is $40 for APA Leader/Pro/Assoc members, $60 for APA Supporter/Contributor members, and $80 for non-members
9 to 12 images is $60 for APA Leader/Pro/Assoc members, $90 for APA Supporter/Contributor members, and $120 for non-members



1. Only digital images are accepted.

2. All files must be jpegs, exactly 1500 pixels on the longest side, sRGB color profile, with no visible identifying text/symbols.

3. Image files must be properly labeled with the following format. Improperly labeled files will not be included in the contest and fees will not be refunded, so please label carefully:
Pictures filenames should be as follows (No spaces, all lower case.):  lastname_firstname_series##_image##.jpg
Example: Photographer John Smith labels his fourth image of the first series as follows: smith_john_series01_image04.jpg

4. Entries: Minimum 4 images. Entry fees are based upon groups of 4.

5. Each image in a diptych or triptych counts as a separate image in the series. Diptychs or triptychs cannot count as a single image.

6. Entries can include a brief (under 50 word) OPTIONAL description. Winners will be asked to provide an artist’s statement (not to exceed 200 words)

7. You do not need to be an APA member to enter the contest, but members receive up to a full 50% discount on entry fees.

8. Anyone claiming APA membership must be current in their dues at the time of entry and when winners are announced.

9. Entry procedure is detailed on the Entry Form page

10. To be fair, judging is done as a blind process (no entrant names are visible to the curator during judging). Please submit entries only through the online process. Please do not contact the Curator until after the results have been announced.


By entering The APA SF Curator’s Voice Contest, Entrants:

(i) Warrant to APA SF that they have created and own the work submitted (including all elements of the work) and that nothing within any work has been copied or added from another person’s work.

(ii) Warrant that the whole copyright and any other form of intellectual property right in the work is vested in them.

(iii) Warrant that they have not in any way assigned, licensed, disposed of, or otherwise encumbered any of their rights which allow them to deal freely with the work and the copyright therein.

(iv) Warrant that they have obtained model or property releases from any persons and/or property owners requiring such, featured in their submitted photographs allowing publication in any and all media forms.

(v) Agree that their work may be exhibited or shown during APA sponsored events, as well as on the APA website and APA promotional materials, allowing for the photographer to retain complete control over the licensing and sale of their work.

(vi) Agree that APA may reproduce and may allow reproduction of winning images in APA approved publications. Credit will be given to the photographer for any image(s) used.

(vii) Acknowledge that APA relies fully upon the warranties and license given by Entrants when submitting their entries for consideration to The APA SF Curator’s Voice Contest, Entrants indemnify and hold APA harmless from any claims, actions, proceedings, costs and expenses arising as a result of any allegation that the relevant Entrant did not own or is not wholly entitled and authorized to allow publication and reproduction of the work by APA.

(viii) The decision of the Curator judges of the competition shall be final and binding.

(ix) Entrants retain full copyright to their images and grant no usage to APA SF other than those granted herein. APA SF, the Sponsors, or Venues showing an exhibition of winners shall not be liable for any loss or damage of any entry.

(x) Submission of an entry to the competition automatically constitutes the contestant's acceptance of all conditions set forth in the above rules. It also acknowledges the right of APA SF to use the photographer's information, as well as the winning images, in exhibitions and promotions, in any and all forms of print, electronic and digital media, related to The APA SF Curator’s Voice Contest for up to 24 months following the winner's announcement.


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